MeezEU - The Meeting Room is a Social Interaction MMO Game (Massively Multiplayer Online Game).
Shareware: share freely, buy to keep playing. License holders get access to the test versions. Download here. (torrent)
You can buy the game at Jä store at Online Player BBS Profiles:
Video meeting room for 10 people can be found here

Controls: Press ESC/BACK to access Main Menu. Press T/Screen for Interaction Mode. Move Mouse/Pad to look around.
Movement: Left Pad on Android or W: Forward, S: Backward, A: Strafe left, D: Strafe right. Press Space/Screen for Jump.
Build Mode: B: Activate Build Mode, 1: Light stone block, 2: Semi-heavy stone block, 3: Heavy stone block.

Support: questions and requests (technical, business or playing) can be sent to support(at)

Try the game HTML5 demo at